midterm paper — title can be changed, please come up with something good

Mid-Term Paper and Speech – . Choose a workplace problem requiring a decision that is facing your current place of employment. If you are not currently employed you can choose a company and conduct online research to identify key components of the problem. Using decision-making techniques discussed in class, weekly readings, and online discussion, write a 3-page paper identifying the problem and discussing problem resolution steps. This paper should be in intro – body – conclusion format and use APA 6th Edition.
Mid-Term Paper – Using the readings, online discussions and Chapter summaries (PPTs) of the PrOACT decision-making model, write a 3-4 page paper identifying the problem (Step 1), discussing Objectives (Step #2) and formulating a few alternatives. (Step #3) This paper should be in intro – body – conclusion format and use APA 6th ed.,

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