Mobile Operating Systems

When purchasing your latest cell phone, how much research did you do before you decided to purchase a particular phone? You probably reviewed major features or you may have even gone to great depth. Features are possible with operating systems software to run the applications that provide these wonderful features. This week you will concentrate on mobile operating systems for mobile phones.

Your assignment is to write a 3 – 4 page paper comparing and contrasting the mobile operating systems and features from the three major mobile phone vendors on the market today: Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows Phone. You should include in your paper the following:

Compare and contrast the user interface

Compare and contrast the major features of each operating system

Compare and contrast the major included applications

After your research, which mobile phone vendor would you choose? Why? Is this the vendor you are currently using for your personal mobile phone?

You must use at least 4 resources. Your paper should adhere to APA style guidelines and include a cover page and references page

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