Name a company who in the last 10 years has experienced fast growth, research that company and share what made them successful?

listen to the link and answer the questions below briefly
the link

the questions

Name a company who in the last 10 years has experienced fast growth. After you’ve selected your company – research that company and share the following?

What made them successful?
What issues did you find when you researched the company?
What type of lessons do you see that they could’ve or did learn?

Many new growth companies face similar problem areas: trust, decision making, goals and priorities, and coordinating of business units (how do each of the departments communicate with one another). Based on the company you selected what suggestions do you have for them?

Eddie Obeng mentioned creativity and ideas as positive and yet in the same breath he shared the fears leaders have with creativity and ideas (toward the end of the talk). How do you think it’s possible to be creative and have ideas (which mean taking risks) as a leader?

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