Prepare a 3-5 minute long power point presentation of your personal profile.

Beginner Spanish Written Oral Presentation

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3-5 minute longPrepare a powerpoint to enhance content of presentation. Do not use extensive text in powerpoint, but include images and headings to help organize the presentation. Presentation should be in present tense as the grammatical structure we learned in the class.

Please include in my presentation;

-I have lived in new jersey my whole life

-I have two sisters

– i have a dog. He is a rescue from the Bahamas. His name is Zeus.

-I have done a lot of travelling with my parents and sisters every summer and have been to all 50 states

I am a certified massage therapist

-I have been a masssage therapist since 2008

– have worked in a few gyms and have worked for myself specializing in house calls for massages

-I now work in a spa where I perform a variety of massages

-i love my job as it is very relaxing and I love knowing that I am helping people with their stress and pain

-I am continuing my education so I have a back up since many people look at a massage as a luxury, therefore making it somewhat unpredictible on how many clients I will have each week

-I plan on opening up my own spa within the next few years once I find the perfect new home in Pennsylvania


-Camping, Kayaking, Fishing

-Singing, played the guitar for 10 years


-I plan on moving to Pennsylvania because the cost of living is a lot cheaper, while im still close enough to my friends and family.

* Translating all the above into Spanish in the format in which I organized is fine, I only need to know simple sentences. Thank you

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