Properly configure IP information for a SOHO router.

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this lab, you will be able to

• Properly configure IP information for a SOHO router
• Properly configure DHCP for a SOHO network
• Activate the firewall features for a basic SOHO router
• Configure a basic ACL for a SOHO router
Lab Materials and Setup

The materials you’ll need for this lab are

• A Windows Vista or 7 PC with Internet access
• The Mike Meyers’ CompTIA Network+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting Networks textbook
• Pencil and paper

SOHO routers are wonderful tools that make connecting a small network to the Internet an easy job. Nevertheless, you must know how to make a number of basic configurations to make the router work well. This Lab Exercise challenges you to use the knowledge you gained from multiple chapters in the textbook to make a safer, well-configured router.

Task 1: Go to and locate the WRT54GL router. Remember, this is only an emulator. Do not click Save Changes at any time as it will only reset the page to defaults.

Task 2: Using the IP addressing scheme you chose for your network, configure the router with the IP address and subnet mask you chose for its internal address.

Task 3: Configure the router’s DHCP server to work for your network. (Disable/Enable the DHCP server to get the DHCP settings to update.)

Task 4: Poke around the settings for this router for Firewall. Was the firewall turned on or off?
Task 5: Your friend has a son who likes to play certain games using the popular Steam client ( Provide a written or oral presentation on how to create an ACL on the router that will prevent him from using his Steam client after 10 P.M. on school nights.
Task 6: What else would you do on this router to lock it down? Make a list and prepare to defend it.

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