Reading Journal 1 on Chapters 1 and 2 of Ormrod

To access the etextbook for Chapter 1 and 2 Click to Log in:
username: Cngray16 password: Akatude11

As you read the assigned chapters in the text, write a reading journal. You may select from the following suggested questions, all of which are designed to help you reflect on the ways you react to the reading. In your reading journal you are to include items for all the chapters for a given period of time according to the course schedule.

Reading journals should be typed and be three to four full pages double-spaced. The reading journals will be uploaded to Blackboard on the day it is due. You cannot submit them after the link under Assignments is unavailable. Your reading journal should have a cover page and follow APA style including running head, title header, numbered pages, section headings, and a reference page where the only reference is the textbook. Do not write the questions into the narrative just use a section heading like interesting, unclear, linkable, debatable, and so on.

Choose a total of three of the following questions to write your Reading Journal. The use of the three questions should cover the chapters that you were assigned to read. Each question should be in its own section. What I am looking for in this assignment is for you to apply the readings to your classroom or professional practice. I am not looking for a summary of the readings.

1. Interesting: What do you find interesting in this reading assignment? Summarize the point of interest and then discuss why you find it interesting.
2. Unclear: What do you find unclear in this reading assignment? Summarize the section you find muddy or foggy and explain what you think it means but why you're still uncertain.
3. Linkable: What do you find "linkable" in this reading assignment? Something may link up with your previous reading in this class or in others. Perhaps it links up with an experience you've had or a theory you're developing. Explain the linkages you see.
4. Stimulating: What do you find stimulating or exciting in this reading assignment? Summarize the section and explain why you find it stimulating.
5. Contradictory: What do you find contradictory in this reading assignment? The passage in question may seem to contradict something else the writer(s) has said; it may contradict your reading in another class or in another text in this class; it may contradict common sense; it may contradict your experience or expectation. Explain the contradictions and try to work out what you are going to think about the ideas associated with it.
6. Debatable: What do you find debatable in this reading assignment? Who would debate this passage and what arguments would he or she bring to the debate? What do you think about the possible positions one can take on the issue discussed in the reading?
7. Practical/Useful: What do you find practical or useful in this reading assignment? It might be useful in your daily life now, in your professional life now or in the future, in your academic research as you prepare to write a paper. What specifically is useful, and how can it be used?
8. Suggest your own word for a heading.

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