Rearch Paper

Instead of requiring you to write a full research paper, I would only like to make sure that you learned the basics of MLA documentation when you took COMPOSITION I. (If you can do MLA, you can do APA: both documentation styles are about following detailed instructions and having a little background knowledge about the types of SOURCES used in academic papers.)

I want you to find and read THREE PRINT articles, or SOURCES, for EACH of the three stories I have chosen for this PROJECT. I will give you some major help here with the first story that I have chosen, \”A Good Man Is Hard To Find\” by Flannery O\’Connor. One good JOURNAL ARTICLE that analyzes \”A Good Man Is Hard To Find\” is written by Stephen Bandy (This is a PRINT source). You should have little problem finding a free copy of this essay either in our PCCC library on the main campus OR that you can download for free from the internet. For your next two PRINT SOURCES–make sure they are PRINT sources!!!!– that analyze the other two stories I have chosen for this RESEARCH PROJECT, \”The Lottery\” by Shirley Jackson and \”Everyday Use\” by Alice Walker, you can help each other and share PRINT SOURCES that you may find.

I will be setting up an extra DISCUSSION BOARD where you as a class can help each other out. I won\’t participate–just follow along and read posts.

NOW, FOLLOW THESE DETAILED INSTRUCTIONS BELOW (AND IN MLA GUIDELINES) CAREFULLY. Your ability to follow complex instructions is a major part of your grade!:

I want you to show me you know how to integrate source material into a research paper by 1. PARAPHRASING, 2. SUMMARIZING; and 3. FINDING AN INTERESTING, SHORT DIRECT QUOTATION using the three different sources you find (one source for each short story–Bandy for \”A Good Man…\” etc).

Im assuming the paper should be base in both of the stories The Lottery and Everyday Use

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