Review log and identify time wasters.

Unit III Homework 

This homework assignment allows you to practice management skills by completing a time-management log and reflecting upon your discoveries.

Click here to access the worksheet for this assignment, and then complete each of the four parts of the worksheet. Here is a summary of the four parts to complete:

1. Complete a three-day time log: Use the timetable to log your activity for a three-day period. Log what you actually did for three days. Be sure that at least one of the three days falls on the weekend.

2. Review log and identify time wasters: After completing the time log, review the details you captured, and identify any type of time wasters within the three-day period.

3. Planned versus impromptu activities: Identify activities that were planned in advance as well as the activities that were not preplanned.

4. Summary: Summarize what you learned about your time-management skills after completing this exercise (one paragraph).


The purpose of this assignment is to practice management skills (time-management skills). While the assignment involves personal activities, the same exercise can be applied in a business setting.

Save all of your work (all four parts) in the worksheet, and submit it in Blackboard for grading.

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