Review of the Federal and State Judicial Systems

so here is my topics that the writer needed to choose from :-
1-Review of the Federal and State Judicial Systems
2-Popular Legal Consciousness and Legal Discourse
3-Legal Mobilization: The Role of Organized Interests
4-Solicitor General
5-Judicial Appointments
6-Supreme Court Agenda Setting
7-Decision Making in the Supreme Court
8-The Supreme Court, Public Opinion, and Legitimacy
9-The Supreme Court’s Approach to Constitutional Interpretation
10-Judicial Impact and Social Change
11-Judicial Politics in State Courts
12-The U.S. Legal System in Comparative Perspective
The writer after he choose his topic from above I will upload documents to read about his chosen topic.
The writer must complete my research paper at the end so if the professor agree about the writer proposal we will complete to end up our research paper

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