Select three (3) leaders to examine.Research, evaluate and write an essay on the leaders selected (1000 words each) addressing the question what kind of leader is the individual?

leading and managing people

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Assessment 3: Essay


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Assignment 3 requires you to work in teams of three to four people to write an essay on the topic below and to provide individual feedback from each team member regarding the group work process. The feedback is to be included as a separate section in the same document as the essay.

Essay Task (3000 words)

Select three (3) leaders to examine (two from textbook, and the third may be from the text or another leader of your choosing). As a group, research, evaluate and write an essay on the leaders selected (1000 words each) addressing the following questions:

What kind of leader is the individual?

Describe the individual’s leadership style

Describe the individual’s communication style

Is this leader ethical? Why or why not?

Do you respect him or her? Why or why not?

How effective do you consider the leader to be or to have been? Explain why you answered the way you did.

Individual Feedback Task (500 words)

Provide feedback on the group-work process addressing the following questions:

How well did your team work together?

What were the pros and cons of working as a team on this project?

How would the outcome have differed had this been an individual assignment?

How did what you have learned about teams and teamwork shape your understanding of this project?

This assignment will account for 30% of your grade. Unless there are unusual circumstances, all members of the team will receive the same grade.

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