Strategy flow chart.

Part One:
Comprehensive Case
It will be the final paper, if you remember the assignments that we have done before, you will use them in this comprehensive paper. I will provide a file named “ strategy flow chart. I think you need to read it because all questions in it. I think most of them have been done in Midterm. So, what you would do is gather these data from the assignments and summarize what you’ve found. Then , write final Actionable recommendation to meet the objective.

Remember this is our thread Question perspective:
“How android can gain the status of industry leader and which modifications are essential to gain this status?”

the paper does not have limit pages, as he asked. But I would say you could do it for 10-15 pages. He does not care about how many pages, he needs the paper to be cleared and answering the questions, be specific, and how you could use this data to answer the tread Question.
– there is no wrong answer in this paper , also, in the recommendation part, you could have at least Three recommendations. Also, should be effective and based on the data that e have.

Part two:
This part is for presentation that I will do in class. You don’t need to do PowerPoint , just one page and answer these Questions.

Name of Company:
Industry Definition:
Thread You Selected:
One Key Recommendation:
What was the one main thing you learned from this class in regards to strategy?
Due date: Monday Aug 17, 2015 11:59 PM Chicago time

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