Using personal narrative form, make an argument about education.

Essay 1: Narrative Argument
Using personal narrative form, make an argument about education. This topic is
intentionally broad. You can write about elementary school, high school, college, or even
non-academic education. No matter the direction you choose to take this topic—academic
or non-academic, kindergarten or the university—you have three specific requirements:
1. Have a clear thesis
2. Use personal experience to prove your thesis.
3. Have a title
-Avoid theses that are too vague or too broad: “College is a great opportunity.”
-Avoid cliche theses: “The pen is mightier than the sword.”
-Avoid theses that everyone already agrees with: “Every child deserves education.”
-Focus on organization. Like a lawyer presenting her case to a jury, write with clear
-Avoid narrating long periods of time. Instead, narrate an experience that concisely
supports your thesis: Rather than “my time in bootcamp,” narrate “signing my name in the
recruitment center.”
-Go to the writing center
-Size 12, Times New Roman font
-Double spaced
-1 inch margins
-2 pages (no less than 1.5

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