What are the advantages of using a primary source document?

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POST 1: When it comes to democracy and education the philosophy of Cavell is used to let us know that our language and perception of our own perceptions need to be looked at in a way that changes our way of thinking. He looks at education as a vital dimension of human life. He shows how the freedom or independence of an individual is not to be separated from his/her role as a citizen. To understand this we must look at the criteria that holds together human practices and the development of our judgment in relation to them. When translating materials things can get messed up or manipulated and the original message can be messed up and a problem could occur. I read things sometimes and interpret it in my own way but it could be interpreted by others and mean something different to others. Democracy is something that we should be shown at home. My parents taught me to appreciate others even if they are of a different culture or color and it really does open up a window to learn about others. By learning from others we allow ourselves to learn something and get along better in the world. I have friends that are from different cultures and I tell you I love being around them.

POST 2:There is no doubt that all cultures are different, and what may be absolutely normal in one country can be abnormal in another. After reading over the material it is evident that Stanley Cavell’s theory suggested that differences in the world can be misinterpretated. Ordinary language philosophy refers to the words we use in our everyday lives and how they can be interpreted many different ways (Saito, 2007). What may mean one way to use, can have a total different meaning to someone else, and can cause a communication problem. Because of this he decided to come up with an idea to try and solve the problem. Cavell came up with the idea for us to change the way we think in order to have a more open mind and have the ability to accept differences. One way is by traveling to places that is totally unfamiliar than you. Hearing different languages, learning different cultures, and being in a different environment is the best way. The article explains “travel is known to have a broadening effect, at least if the traveler is willing to keep his mind open” (Saito, 2007, para 1).

Just as ethics I too believe that democracy starts at home. In order for the entire world to have peace we all must learn to respect everyone no matter how they are different from what we are accustom to. For example, my mama always used the saying: “tear others as we want to be treated”. I feel that this is a great quote to live by. If you expect respect, then you should always be willing to show respect.


A primary source is an unedited, scholarly, firsthand account of an original event. An example of a primary source is a photograph of an event. It captures the event directly without any analyzing or editing. A secondary source interprets and summarizes a primary source. An example is an article. Articles summarize and give key point on events and they also have been revised and edited before being published.

My Final Research Project topic is office bullying and a resource that would be considered a primary source would be a video of one coworker harassing another. This would be a primary source because it gives direct evidence of office bullying. It’s a firsthand look at what it actually looks like. A secondary resource would be an article from a magazine that analyzes and explains an office bullying photo.

The advantages of using a primary source document in my Final Research Project are that it would give direct evidence that supports my topic. A primary source is much easier to understand, in my opinion and it leads to much more interpretation. A photo graph that demonstrates office bullying is much easier to understand than an incident report that would be written up by a manager or supervisor of the office.

One article that I chose for my Final Project was one on the experiences of victims that have been office bullied before. This would be considered a secondary resource because it is an article that describes and summarizes victim’s experiences. It gives a conceptual model of workplace bullying.

A second resource that I found is an article on prevention of office bullying. It focuses on how the human resources department of a company can prevent workplace bullying and harassment and how to handle it if it occurs. This is also a secondary resource. I chose this source also because it discusses the definition of bullying itself.


There are a few differences between primary and secondary sources. Primary sources are essentially the sum total of experiences, thoughts, and ideas that are captured by an individual that was directly involved. Some common primary sources include: speeches, official documents, and original research. Secondary sources are sources that were not directly involved and are evaluating, examining, and explaining their interpretation of an experience, thought, or idea.

For my final paper I will be evaluating changes to the current welfare system. For this paper one primary source can be the Welfare Reform Act of 1996. This is a primary source because it is a law and officially documented. One secondary source would be a Forbes editorial called “How Welfare Reform Can End Poverty In America And Promote Booming Economic Growth”. This is a secondary source because it is an opinionated article that seeks to prove an argument using other primary sources.

Using primary sources has advantages because the information is unfiltered and free of bias. No matter how balanced and unbiased a secondary source claims to be there is still a very strong chance it leans more towards one side than the other. This can be the result of popular public opinion, that person’s personal convictions, or the beliefs of that particular organization.

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