What are the basic tools that a historian has at her/his disposal?

answer as a short essay question each question.
1. What are the basic tools that a historian has at her/his disposal?
2.Describe the basic differences between William Shakespeare’s & Josephine Tey’s portrayals of Richard III and explain why those differences exist..

Japan Questions
1. What rules did the Tokugawa shogunate impose on Japanese nobles, samurai, and peasants?
2. What immediate problems did the new Meiji leadership face after the overthrow of the Tokugawa shogunate? How can the aristocratic character of the Meiji samurai be reconciled with the revolutionary character of their social, political and economic policies? Why did the new government devote so much of its attention, energies and resources to such non-military industries as cotton and silk textiles?
3. What justification did the government and the supporters of modernization offer to persuade the nation of the necessity for change? What key factors can be cited to explain Japan’s success in industrializing? What part did the government play (be specific)?
4. Was the Japanese acquisition of empire prior to 1911 the result of calculated planning and premeditated aggression? What were the primary motives for Japanese involvement in Korea? What diplomatic negotiations did they attempt with their adversaries to avoid military conflict?

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