What are the main assumptions of cognitive theories of learning?


Answer questions on Chapter 8 on cognitive theories – chapter 8 pdf will be attached – just answer questions or give examples…..however short answers are ok, but back up with brief explaination from book or experience.
What are the main assumptions of cognitive theories of learning?
– How do information processing models explain learning?
What implications does this approach have on instruction?
What instructional strategies are aligned with this perspective?
How is motivation and self regulation addressed in this theoretical approach?
How is learning assessed from this perspective?
How is this theoretical approach similar/different from behavior and developmental theories?

Application examples
Provide example of a learning situation you experienced or observed that could be explained using cognitive approach to learning
How did this approach affect student learning and motivation?
What are some other strategies, that are consistent with a cognitive approach, that could have also been implemented?

Discussion Questions
What are you prior experiences with the development of metacognition, creativity, and critical thinking in learning? How are these processes taught in our society?
How might we effectively implement cultivate metacognition, creativity, and critical thinking in our classrooms?

Video discussion
clip #2 and #3 (short videos)
how did you see a cognitive approach applied in the videos we watched this week?
How did students respond to this approach? How can you tell?
What other instructional practices could be implemented, that are aligned with this theoretical approach, that could also influence student learning?

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