What characteristics and reasoning led Americans to choose baseball?

QUESTION 1-Consider the means in which the beliefs of the Temperance movement were presented to the public along with the messages sent and the accuracy there within.(America has a long tradition with drinking that deals with the spaces where it took place, the types of beverages being consumed, and opinions about the meaning of this activity in society. The Temperance movement was strongly influenced by religion and gender and would continue to grow throughout the nineteenth century )

QUESTION 2 – What characteristics and reasoning led Americans to choose baseball? What do these say about the rise a more distinct American identity?(Baseball is still called the “National Pastime” but was not always the game of choice. During the mid-nineteenth century it completed with cricket, a game marked by its English links, as the sport of choice among urban dwellers)

QUESTION 3- When reading the article for this week you should consider it somewhat “tongue-in-cheek.” As much as it provides information and opinion on the bloomer, it does so with a bit of cynicism. It criticizes the society that criticized the bloomer as much as it criticizes the bloomer itself. I think this provides a nice window into the concerns over fashion and image in American society. Use the handout – a sampling of some primary source comments on fashion – what is your understanding american identity.

QUESTION 4- One of the growing issues we see when examining the validity of a national identity is the class divide that emerges more strongly as the nineteenth century progresses. Previous lectures and readings have demonstrated the many biases that American culture was subjected to by Americans and Europeans. In this article we see how the connection to Europe was still present in how these two musicians defined what was truly “American.”

QUESTION 5 -Review the primary source documents to see how news of the Astor Theater riot was characterized through the different social tensions in urban American society. Your analysis should continue ot examine how such tensions contributed to the understanding of what it was to be an “American” in the latter half of the nineteenth century.

QUESTION 6- hey are primary sources in that they are the sketchings made roughly a generation after the riots took place (a generation is roughly 30 years). When reviewing an image, you should not only look to see what is depicted, but how it is depicted. Are there sympathies towards one party or group? Are you aware that anyone is deliberately missing from the image? When it was created, what was going on in American society/culture that may have influenced the depitction? You need to consider the context.

QUESTION 7- Choose two of the chapters from the book . who truly represents and ideal “American” with concepts of rural or urban, working or middle class, and male or femail impact the discussion.?

QUESTION 8- One of the major issues the United States faced in the early 19th century was the vastness the nation and the emerging differences between the three main regions: East (mostly New England down through Pennsylvania), South (Virginia down to Florida), and West (lands west of the Appalachian Mountains). Your reading is a excerpt from Henry Clay’s speech to the Congress regarding his American System. Consider what regions would or could benefit and why?. Think about what objections might have come about. Would all of this ultimately unify or divide the nation?

QUESTION 9 – When it comes to food and dining in this country remember to pay attention to what was eaten, why it was eaten, and how the places where eating took place were given extra meanings.

QUESTION 10- What is the importance of fashion rather than what happened? What is the meaning? Go into detail. Give a specific example and then talk about its meaning in your opinion.


“In what one way do the all readings combine to identify a central theme of the American identity?” Then, explain your answer.

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