What does it mean to be an ethical Training & Development professional?

Respond to the following issue pertaining to Saint Leo University’s Core Value of Integrity and the criticality of ethical behavior. You should expect to take 2-3 pages (double-spaced, 12-point font) for your response (not including any necessary reference pages). Be sure to respond to all parts of the issue.

Although many organizations and professional societies have their own specific codes of conduct, it seems there is no single, established Code of Ethics for Human Resource Training and Development professionals.

•What does it mean to be an ethical Training & Development professional?

•What ethical issues should trainers be mindful of?

•What legal and liability issues should trainers be mindful of?

•Do contract trainers & “in-house” trainers face different ethical issues? If so, what?

Remember to focus your responses specifically on relevant aspects of training & development; these questions are intended to be more specific than a discussion of general employee or contractor ethics.

Saint Leo’s Value of Integrity:
The commitment of Saint Leo University to excellence demands that its members live its mission and deliver on its promise. The faculty, staff, and students pledge to be honest, just, and consistent in word and deed.
Please make sure to mention this in the paper somewhere.

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