What experience (if any) have you had in working as part of a team?


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Working effectively and efficiently as part of a team can be challenging. But when done properly, teamwork offers many benefits as different people bring their experience, education, knowledge, and skills to resolve a problem. The ability to work with others and collaborate in teams is an important skill in the world today. It is likely that, as a business professional, you will be called upon to work as a valuable member in an onsite or virtual team. The course project provides a practice environment in which you can build your collaborative and leadership skills.

For this discussion, address the following:

What experience (if any) have you had in working as part of a team?
What aspects of the experience were positive?
What aspects of the experience were negative?
What tips or best practices from your experience or from your readings can you offer that you believe can be used to make the team experience in this course a positive one?

Be sure to read Johnson’s 2010 article, “Four Steps to Effective Collaboration,” before you post your initial response to this discussion.

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