What motivates corporations to engage in social and environmental issues in local communities?

Word count: Maximum 1500 words (excluding references and appendices)
Format: Academic essay
Assessment expectation: Identify, evaluate and justify your position in relation
to the question asked using theory and relevant examples to support your
Write an essay on one of the following topics:
Question 1
What motivates corporations to engage in social and environmental issues in local
communities? Using your understanding of CSR, illustrate your answer with reference to
examples of business practice with which you are familiar.
Question 2
Business organizations use the resources of society. Some argue on the basis of this that
they have a responsibility to ‘give something back’. Evaluate philanthropy as a socially
responsible business activity using either global OR local examples to illustrate your
Essay Format
Your essay should be constructed as suggested by Emerson:
 introduce, explain and elaborate upon your understanding of the
given topic, indicate the stance you will adopt, and the direction
that your argument will take.
 explain the extent to which you agree/disagree with the given
 provide evidence to support your identification with, or rejection of
his statements/observations.
 base your evidence on your reading of scholarly research and
course readings.
 illustrate the points you make with anecdotal and/or
documentary evidence sourced from your reading and your
personal experience.
 sum up your argument by reminding the reader of the stance you
have taken in relation to the topic, and your reasons for taking it.

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