What theory is the best theory?

Module 1 Discussion 2: M1D2: Current Events: What theory is the best theory?

Ethics are often summed up in what is considered the “golden rule”: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. However, is the golden rule the same when applied to the business arena? Does this statement assume that the moral foundation of all people is the same? Is this a wise assumption?

Considering what you have read and reviewed thus far, investigate some of the unethical business practices that have been brought to light in the mainstream media. A few examples include the Bernie Madoff scandal, Enron, Martha Stewart, the financial meltdown of 2008, and so forth. Do not use one of these as the basis for your discussion. Instead, use your research skills and personal knowledge of media to explore articles through the library’s search engine.

Find an article about a contemporary business ethics issue.
Choose the most applicable ethics theory and apply to the issue described in the article.
What do you see as critical to a strong solution that this theory ignores?
How does the choice of approach (based on theory) impact the decisions made by organizational leaders?

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