Why do people often try out a different personality on social media?

why do people often try out a different personality on social media?why do people say things that make other people feel bad on social media sites?

Example:Why do people often try out a different personality on social media?

The Internet, where people can express their feeling or communicate with each other, weaves uncountable connection for different people with various cultures. One of productions of the internet, social media, yields uncountable avatars. Most people might have an idea that some people whom they communicate with on the internet own the same personality in actual world as in the virtual one. However, some of them might change personality in order to fulfill their curiosity or purpose. In reality, we can hardly change our personality and traits to convert into a totally different people. Even though boundary of actual world restricts human’s behaviors and something unpractical, people can always use the greatest invention, the internet, to satisfy what they want. Social media users attempt to create avatars with distinct personalities form the realty to communicate with others. First, out of curiosity, people change their temper, tones, or even genders to chat with others. They try to experience a feeling of being a person with completely diverse personality, which they cannot possess actually. Through a virtual conversation, we can easily make friends, especially when we change our personality, which need only a slight effort. For instance, when we use different word to chat with someone strange, who will judge us according to what we write and what we think during a conversation. We can pretend to be a millionaire or genius then make friends with those we can hard to know or get along with like the rich. Having said that, not all of them, who try out a different personality on social media, own good intention. Swindlers will pretend to be very nice people and cheat those innocent, who really want to make friends sincerely in this virtual platform. After getting more familiar with the innocent, swindlers will try to fabricate some facts. As an illustration, they might say they lack money to treat their mothers who is seriously ill. Then they are going to ask for money for treatment, which is obviously false. In fact, Social media construct a broad circumstance for people to communicate but its safety must be concerned. People need to concern about those strangers online, whose personality might not be the same as what they actually were. (371)

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