Why has learning about it made a difference to you in your life?

Since the first test we have discussed the following topics: climate in relationships;

disclosure in relationships; owning feelings and sending clear messages (including describing,

displaying and withholding or masking feelings); coming from an adult place vs. a child place

or parent place; using assertive behavior vs. aggressive or passive behavior; the power bases and

appeals of persuasion; recognizing types of conflict and how to manage them. Which of these

was the most valuable or useful for you to learn about? Convince me, in your own words,

that you do understand the topic and tell me the value to you. Why has learning about it made a

difference to you in your life? This is not to be a paper where you summarize the textbook but

you should discuss the skills by their textbook names..

Begin your paper by saying “The purpose of this paper is…” and tell me what the purpose

is. Close your paper with a brief summary: “In this paper I have discussed…” and be sure you

did discuss what you say you did. Papers should be typed, double spaced, and be no less than 3

pages, in New Times Roman 12 pt. font. Margins should be one inch all around. (This will

come out to about 1050 words.) Do not use any plastic or other covers; your name, the class

AND SECTION, the assignment and the date should appear in the heading on the first page. Do

not double space the heading, and do not double double space between paragraphs. Staple the

paper in the upper left corner. Grammar, punctuation and spelling also count in your grade

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