Why were the metal warming bins removed from McDonald’s restaurants?

Discussion 3

Must post first.

Two important components of the service-profit chain are employees and the customer. Discuss your insights into this theory and give examples of how this theory has worked or not worked in a job you have had.

Discussion 4

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This learning activity is a continuation of the McDonald’s case study presented in Learning Plan 2 and also serves as an introduction to the process-flow analysis concepts presented in “this” learning plan. View the clip entitled “JIT at McDonlads” on the student companion website. As you watch the clip, answer the following questions:

1.) Why were the metal warming bins removed from McDonald’s restaurants?

2.) As an example of introducing new technology to speed up service to their customers, McDonald’s upgraded what key piece of equipment?

3.) This upgrade speeded up the specified process from ___ to ___ seconds.

Discussion 5

Must post first.

Describe service problems you encountered in a recent service experience. Then categorize the service failures that occurred as tangible, reliability, responsiveness, assurance, or empathy. Name some products that have a high degree of quality. Are these products generally associated with successful companies?

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