Write 8 pages paper discussing this healthcare quality improvement problem.

Quality improvement in healthcare


Topic: Choosing healthcare provider

Write 8 pages paper discussing this healthcare quality improvement problem.

Include in the paper:

  1. How you will determine the need for improvement in identifying your healthcare provider- include internal and external benchmarks.
  2. An organizational design (CQI model) for the CQI process and why you chose that model.
  3. Assessments that need to be made to identify the nature and scope of this quality improvement problem. Include tools you would use.
  4. Evidence-based recommendations for changes in processes that may be used in achieving the improvement.
  5. Quality and cost indicators that will be used to monitor the improvement over time.
  6. Plans for implementation of the improvement.
  7. Plans for communicating the result of the project.
  8. Plans for maintaining the improvement.


Use APA style for this paper. An executive summary should be included instead of an abstract with minimum of 5 references. Make sure to answer all the above questions very clearly.


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