Write a 5 page APA paper identifying at least one broken system within your own community or another of which you are familiar.

Project description
Write a 5 page APA paper identifying at least one broken system within your own community or another (comminuty Hinesville, GA) of which you are familiar. Ask yourself this question, if you had the financial resources, and key personnel, how would you go about making this community functional again?
(Your basically writing about whats wrong with the system? why is it wrong? and how can you fix it?)

Provide background on the system (i.e history); also conclude with your thoughts on its future system.

-The paper must be typed and doubled- spaced, using a 12 point Times New Roman Font. Correct spelling, grammar, sentence structure is imperative.
-A minimum of 3 scholarly references must be cited CORRECTLY (include intext citation). Include a reference list at the end of the paper following the APA format. Also include Abstract as First paragraph
– Students will be graded on throughness of content area, correct spelling,grammer, sentence structure and correct use of APA.
_ Include title page, abstract, and reference page (remember these items do not count toward your page count).
please use our school online library:
Columbia College
user name:sdsherrod1
password: ArmyStrong83##$$

**Note: the paper is 5 pages and the remaining 2 pages should be used for a title page and a reference page
Added on 01.11.2015 13:31
I uploaded the instruction sheet that was given to us by instructor. Its pretty much the same guidelines. Thank you

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