Write a brief (500-1000 words) paper in reckon to one of the three empirical studies assigned as reading in the course.

Written Assignment

Students are required to write a brief (500-1000 words) paper in reckon to one of the three empirical studies assigned as reading in the course (i.e., not the paper by David Adam). This paper is due by 4:00 pm on the day of the class for which the reading is assigned. Assignments must be submited to the course website on Connect as a PDF; neither e-mail nor hard copy will be accepted.

The reckon paper must be written following the QALMRI framework. See the course website for extensive instructions about this approach. I strongly recommend reading about the QALMRI framework well in advance of the due date for the reading assignment. Using this approach will influence how you read the empirical papers, and doing a good job on the assignment will require a bit of Kme.

It may be useful to read chapter 5 of the textbook to refresh your memory about research designs and the type of conclusions that can be drawn from different designs. This step is recommended even if you did well in PSYC 217 and 218. Using the QALMRI approach for your reckon paper will involve applying knowledge about research design to the topic of behavioral disorders.

Late Assignments: Because there are three opportunist to complete the written assignment for this class, late assignments will not be accepted under any circumstances.

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