Write a four to five page paper on Adam Smith an economist

ECON 201 – Macroeconomics

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4-5 Page Paper (Based on one of five Economists listed on Attached Paper)

Also Need Bibliography (MLA)

Times New Roman 12, Double Spaced

ECON 201 – Macroeconomics

Class Project

Choose one of the following economists:

Adam Smith

Milton Friedman

John Maynard Keynes

Paul Samuelson

Ludwig von Mises

1. Write a four to five page paper.

2. Make sure you have personal information as birth date, where they live, and other relevant information.

3. Their academic training.

4. Where they have taught?

5. Their degrees.

6. What kinds of economic theories they purport?

7. Explain their theories.

8. Give examples of how their theories are applied.

9. What works have they produced as books and papers and summarize?

10. Why do you think they are important from your research?

11. Why do you think their theories are important?

12. What impact if any have they had on your life and the lives of your fellow Americans?

13. In your opinion, is their work beneficial to the study of macroeconomics?

14. What new things did you learn by completing this assignment?

15. Summarize the paper in a paragraph!

16. Don’t forget a good bibliography!

Grading Rubric

1. Personal information – 5 points.

2. Academic information – 5 points.

3. Grammar, writing style – 10 points.

4. READABILITY – 10 points.

5. Content and answering most questions from above – 15 points.

6. Summary – 5 points.

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