write a paper after completing a management trainee program for 3 months.

I have to write a paper after completing a management trainee program for 3 months.
I have to write approx half page for each department explain what i understood and the procedures they take and do within each department
Going to the following departments
1- Retail (Ghranada Branch)
Trained as a meeter greeter.
I would greet the customer/client when he/she enters, whith a smile and a very friendly attidue and seek their needs. If there is a product they as about i have to be aware of and answer any questions

2- Treasury back office
Mainly what the back office does is the settlement of the front office deals. From conventional banking to Islamic banking will convert all outstanding under loan balance ,overdraftand the balance of credit card into Tawaruq transactions. Being introduced to buying and selling commodities. By the end of the day they check if the transactions went thru and to the correct point. Next day the transactions have been checked to see if all them gave been executed. If not by any chance we have to track for the reasons.
Back office job also is to see the amount of dollars within the bank and how we are aware of that, so the dealing room is informed to take actions either to lend or borrow. Keep track of currencies all the time. check all transactions did they execute on the mature date. Daily end of the day we check nostro ad vostro accounts
3- Treasury Dealing Room
is the front office where all the transactions are called.
Dealing room covers the foreign currency other then the dollars like GBP,Y and the gulf currencies
4- Quality Assurance
5- Card center
6- Risk Management
7- Corporate
8- Trade Finance
9- Audit

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