Write a paper on weight loss.

This paper is to be on weight loss. Please follow the directions below.

You have been developing this project since week one. This is your final report on the operant conditioning that you applied to yourself over the past eight weeks. You will be writing a paper that details the project. Use the rubric to develop the project.
Submit the minimum 1000 word paper as a Microsoft Word Document attachment.
Scoring rubric for the Week Nine Final Project (spelling and grammar included in points)
Wrote one specific, observable behavior that was targeted for change (5 points)
Provided at least 50 words of a detailed explanation on how that behavior was identified to be changed (5 points)
Provided one week’s worth of data on the frequency and duration (or other occurrence) of the undesired behavior, the one that is targeted for change (10 points)
Provided one specific observable behavior that will replace the undesired behavior (5 points)
Listed three possible liked operants and three possible disliked operants that could have been used in the conditioning. (5 points)
Provided a clear statement for each of the four possible behavioral operant conditioning mechanisms that could have been used, and identifies which one was chosen to be implemented. (20 points)
1. A liked operant is added to build the new behavior (positive reinforcement).
2. A disliked operant is removed to build the new behavior (negative reinforcement).
3. A disliked operant is added to stop the old behavior (may not build the new behavior well) (positive punishment).
4. A liked operant is removed to stop the old behavior (negative punishment).
The schedule of reinforcement to shape and sustain the new behavior is provided and explained in at least 50 words. Schedule choices include continuous, set ration, set interval, variable ratio, and variable interval. (10 points)
Provided five weeks’ worth of data on the frequency and duration of the undesired behavior (the one that was targeted for change), and of the desired behavior (the new replacement/exchanged behavior). (30 points)
Provided at least 150 words that analyze and discuss in detail the overall results (15 points)
Provided at least 100 words that draw conclusions as to the effectiveness of the operant conditioning process (10 points)
Provided at least 150 words that summarize one article, appropriately cited and referenced, as it relates to the overall use of operant conditioning, and as it applies to the overall results and conclusions. (15 points)

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