write a reflection on the novel readings assigned in the course.

Novel Reflection
Each student will need to write a reflection on the novel readings assigned in the course. The reading reflections will be due in class on the day that we will be discussing the book the reflection is on
Each reflection should be at least three pages in length and should discuss the following:
 What concepts from the course are being discussed in the novel?
 What is the storyteller trying to say about these concepts?
 What are your thoughts on the concepts and what the author is saying about them? Do you agree or disagree with the assertions of the author?
 What questions does the novel ask you?
 What are your overall thoughts on the novel as a storytelling device to explore political concepts?
Remember that this is a reflection paper, not a summary. You should not be summarizing the events of the novel, but instead providing your thoughts on those events/characters and the subtext of the action.
please follow the instructions mentioned above
and use the book for the novel Fahrenheit 451 as the only source.

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