Write a report to the CEO of an international renown, highstreet fashion retailer in the UK.

Question 1: (7-8 pages)You have been asked to write a report to the CEO of an international renown, highstreet fashion retailer in the UK. The CEO has acknowledged that they are facingfierce competition from the rival competitors and they are losing customer to theircompetitors. He has acknowledge that they have problems in certain areas and hasidentity 3 key areas (electronic marketing, relationship marketing, integratedmarketing communication) that he thinks need attention, discussion and elaborationon how they are link, the 3 key areas are outline below.

With reference to the reading you have done, prepare a report for the CEO, the task isto write a report discussing and elaboration on how each of the above concepts is link.Fundamentally, your report should analysis the main issues concern in each area andthen use examples where possible describe the major issue that you consider are ofimportant to marketing that crossover all 3 of the above fields.

Reflect on why these issues are of important to marketing theory and practice.Especially focusing on fashion industry.Use a formal report structure with side headings, reference and diagrams, figure isappropriate. Remember you do not need to phone list at he reference at the end. Justsight the references of these paper you have use to report.In the essay, must use electronic marketing (EM), relationship marketing (RM),Integrated marketing communication (IMC) to elaborate

The report format should have the introduction > executive summary > content >recommendation > summary > conclusion.

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