Write a research paper on “Auditor’s Liability and financial reporting: SOX-Act 2002”

Write a research paper on “Auditor’s Liability and financial reporting: SOX-Act 2002” Although you can use a company in your paper to make a particular point, the paper SHOULD NOT be a case study The paper length should be 8 pages

1.Use 12 point courier or Times New Roman Font

2.Credit for text derived from existing research must be credited to the appropriate reference.

3.Use the APA Style

Your paper should be a review of previous research on this topic and a comparison of the different opinions on it. It is also important for you to mention your own opinion on these findings throughout the paper. (see attachment)

Remember to select only academic references. That excludes references such as the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Fortune……Books are not refereed but are acceptable as references. A maximum of 2 non-academic references can be used if closely related to your topic.

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