Write a research paper on Tennessee History.

Write a research paper, you should plan to cover a topic in Tennessee History. The paper should be 10 pages, written in 12 point font with one inch margins and double spaced. You should plan to use at least 2 primary sources in your analysis and 2 secondary sources. These sources must be cited. Use MLA format

Sources for Research and Writing Requirement
For Articles:
Go to http://bibliotech.memphis.edu/search~S4/y and check for journals available at the UofM
Library. The UofM also has access to Jstor and Project Muse which can be used to find other
journals. Some journals dealing specifically with Tennessee include:
“The Tennessee Historical Quarterly”
“ Journal of East Tennessee History”
“Tennessee Valley Historical Review”
“West Tennessee Historical Society Papers”
“Border States”
http://tntel.tnsos.org. http://www.tennesseehistory.com and http://www.tennesseehistory.org
may also be helpful
Articles can also be found in journals with events that Tennessee or Tennesseans participated in
(for example, the Civil War, War of 1812, World War I, World War II, Women’s suffrage, Civil
Rights, African-Americans, Indians, etc.). Search Jstor and Project Muse through the UofM
Library’s web page for events that you may be interested in.
Many Tennessee counties also have journals. To find them, type the name of the county followed
by “historical society” and check the web site given.

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