Write an analytical essay on a current event.

Write an analytical essay on a current event, this article must be os substance written by a journalist(s)NOT by a news service eg Asssociate press or Reuters. Use a mainstream publications such as New York Times, wall Street Journal, Time, Newsweek, U.S News and World Report.

Choose issues that are current in print or electonic media (2012 general election, war on terrorism, violations of indiviudal rights and liberties, social movement, health care, poverty, unemployment, police brutality, court decisions, the economy etc). Divide the essay into paparaph.

in the inductionary paparaph you should mention the title and author of the article.

then compose the text of the essay.

in the analytical part of the essay relate the infprmation found in the article regarding American Politics.

in the opinion part of the essay, indicate your views on the issue or story.

in the summary apart, briefly describe the main points of the article.

Please provide a Works Cited or refrence section of ALL references you have used.

IMPORTANT: please provide/ upload the clip of the article(main topic or current article/event talked about) from the print media or download it from the electronic media or the URL address of the web page

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