Write an analytical paper based on the self-assessments .

Journ 101.
You completed one Leadership Learning Journal in Module 3. You will complete the second Journal in this assignment. As before, write an analytical paper based on the self-assessments completed in Modules 4 to 7. Keep the following in mind when writing the paper:
•Integrate the reading, reflection, discussion, and writing for the module..
•Analyze what you have learned about yourself as a leader and how you can apply the learning in your workplace now and in the future..
•Relate the course content to your work experience..
•Apply critical thought and integrate learning from the various self-assessments. Do not write a chapter-by-chapter summary..
The paper should be about one to two pages and must adhere to APA formatting requirements. In-text citation and a reference page are required. Make sure to proofread carefully. Grammar and spelling errors will impact the grading. Include a reference to the text on your summary as you are relating your learning to the material read.

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