Write an essay in the form of a critique of two articles in which you discuss how effectively the case is made in both articles.

The task:

This 2500-word academic paper builds on the skills developed by the earlier assignments and develops them
further. It requires you to do the following:

1. Write an essay in the form of a critique of two articles in which you discuss how effectively the case is made in  both articles. In other words, identify the arguments and critique them with reference to the three Aristotelian  rhetorical proofs as well as other course concepts.Crucially, You also need to compare and contrast the effectiveness of the arguments.

Give reasons to support your criticisms, based on some of the concepts and ideas covered so far in your reading
and discussions in CR&R.

2. Ensure that your critique concentrates on HOW the articles make a case, rather than WHAT they are about.
Your critique MUST use some or (preferably) all of the concepts and terms found in your reading and study of
rhetoric and argumentation, and should employ full and accurate citations and references to the sources where
these terms and concepts can be found (e.g. specific readings in the CR&R Readings and Resource material).

3. To reiterate the previous point: it is essential that your sources of information (from the reader) be carefully and
correctly cited according to the conventions of the Harvard referencing system. You may choose sources beyond
the reader, but you must first demonstrate that you have grasped the concepts of the articles in the reader before
moving on to additional sources. As with the previous assignment, any assignments with inadequate referencing
will not be allowed to pass.

4. It is strongly recommended that you use the readings provided before citing from other sources, that is,
demonstrate first that you have mastered the course readings before attempting to introduce other sources.
Failure to demonstrate a strong grasp of the course readings is not desirable!

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