Write an essay in which you discuss theme of Theodore Roethke’s poem “My Papa’s Waltz.”

Project description
Write an essay in which you discuss theme of Theodore Roethke’s poem “My Papa’s Waltz.” Include analysis of the elements of poetry he employs in order to convey this theme. Incorporate the criticism by McKenna provided in Writing Assignments folder. Source documentation is provided at the bottom of the assignment instructions. Be sure, however, to check the documentation with the model from the handbook.

In your essay you will use two sources: the poem by Roethke and the critical essay by McKenna. Review proper documentation format carefully. The Roethke poem is an entry in an anthology. The McKenna essay is an entry in a journal and has been accessed through an electronic database. Be very careful in setting up your external documentation.

You are quoting from a poem. Be very attentive to proper quotation of the poetic line. You must indicate line break or you have misquoted the poem. Incorrect use of the original, misquotation, is documentation failure. Consult the handbook for citation guidelines.

Do not neglect to include a formal, roman numeral, topic outline as required with all essays in ENG 102.

The only sources this essay should include are the given criticism and the poem. You must list both the primary source (the poem) and the secondary source (the outside source) on your Works Cited page.
Use the following citation add proper hanging indent in Word for the outside source to be included in your Works Cited:

McKenna, John J. “Roethke’s Revisions And The Tone Of ‘My Papa’s Waltz.'” Anq 11.2 (1998): 34-38. Literary Reference Center. Web. 11 Aug. 2014.
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Above you have the instructions and the attach file for citation
Thank you

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