Write an essay to test the value of this strategy explained by Harris.

Taking an approach

Write an essay to test the value of this strategy explained by Harris. First, identify a text you want to work with, and come to terms with that text. Explain the author’s project, keywords, and your evaluation of its uses and limits. Next, work in the mode of that author, analyzing sources the way the author did. Feel free to change the approach to suit your purpose. Borrow a framework that will help you do what you are trying to do. Announce your project explicitly in your essay. Include reflection and evaluation. Explain how effectively the approach or framework that you have borrowed works for your project. Your essay should be 8 pages, typed and double spaced. Use MLA or APA documentation.
Harris text book called: Harris, Joseph. Rewriting: how to do things with texts. Utah State University Press, 2006.

I will upload an example of what I want, The writer, Erica, is explicit about how she is using Dworkin to counter the article on pornography. Her essay would have been stronger if she had said a bit more about Dworkin in the beginning.

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