Write down major points, ideas, concepts and other information on Business Communications.

Final Project

The Final Project consists of a PowerPoint presentation, which has at least 14 slides. Read the instructions below and make sure to include all the information given to receive full credit.

Imagine you have to do an oral presentation for your instructor with a brief summary of things you learned in this class. You will need to show mastery of four topics covered in the class to earn a grade.

A good way to start is to write an outline. Glance through the 14 chapters in the Business Communications textbook and search for 4 topics that you found most interesting. Write down major points, ideas, concepts and other information from the topics you chose. List 4 topics from at least two chapters in the book.

On the first slide include your full name and a professional method of listing the four (4) topics that you chose in the textbook. Use an appropriate slide layout and make sure to list your topics of choice.

Divide your slides evenly to cover each topic you chose. Three or four slides per topic is a good rule. You must have at least 14 slides total, at least 12 slides should be designated for the body and 2 for your first and last slide. You may add more slides to your body, but make sure they are relevant to the topic you choose. Each topic should include:

A list of the most important elements within the topic you chose. Use bulleted and/or numbered list to outline your elements and text boxes to elaborate on each of the elements. You have room for creativity here, so you may think outside-the-box when creating your final project. Please remember to keep it professional.

Examples of topic points to elaborate on for 125 words per topic. You may use other topic points that you find to be appropriate based on the topic you choose. These are only some optional questions you can use to start your presentation.

Use the Notes pane of PowerPoint to add information that you briefly list on the slides. Spellcheck your work for typos and grammar. Make sure to include URL links, graphics, images, clipart, pictures, videos and any other multimedia you use. Use slide transitions and animation features found in PowerPoint.

On the last slide summarize what you covered in the body of your presentation. Add any citations, personal thoughts and/or closing comments about the topics you chose.

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