You are to describe the problem in your own words, outlining the business risks you identify in the current description.

ystem analysis

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Background: “headspace” (yes small ‘h’) is an organisation that works with youth aged 12 to 25 who experience mental ill health. In 2014 youth suicide in regional NSW for the age groups 16 to 24 was particularly alarming, especially amongst Indigenous youth. One of the problems identified was that a young person with suicidal ideation might see multiple professionals before getting the help they need. Each time they need to re-tell their ‘story’. Soon the young people clam up and say very little, making it even harder for professionals to help them. Initially they might see a headspace case worker, then medical staff in a hospital emergency department, perhaps a General Practitioner, a psychologist, a psychiatrist, and others. Currently funding is being sought to build a system that will capture the ‘story’ the first time it is told, and give access to successive professionals, so that case notes and the story can become enriched, and the young person can be assisted more appropriately. We will assume that the funding has been approved and that you are the business systems analyst assigned to scope out the project.

You are to describe the problem in your own words, outlining the business risks you identify in the current description. It is also important to list any questions that need to be directed to, and answered by, the sponsor in preparation for the business case (Assignment 2). It should involve a description of headspace, youth suicide in regional areas, including Indigenous youth. The sponsor has suggested a cloud-based mobile application solution. In your report, you should consider if this is suitable for the project, and also identify at least one other possible delivery method. Specific analysis techniques have not been taught yet, so this assignment does not require technical descriptions. Your answer should be a report of 2-3 pages, Times Roman size 12 (title page and references are not counted in the 2-3 pages) that describes the business case. You should use your own words and avoid lengthy quotations.

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