1) To learn how to observe, reflect, and analyze the factors and motivations that may be important for changing a behavior.

Making behavioral changes A Reflective Journal
We all have behaviors that we would like change. Some like healthy behaviors such as eating better, having good quality sleep, meditating, and exercising we want to do more of, and some such as smoking, eating junk foods, or drinking too much, we want to do less of. Changing health behaviors is not always as easy or straightforward as it may appear, and thats where exercise psychology principles can play a valuable role in helping people make healthy changes.
For this project you will select a behavior that you may have been thinking about changing, or have tried to change previously without success. Over the few weeks of this course, you will be given an opportunity to reflect on the factors that may help or hinder actually making this healthy change by completing a series of measures and tools often used in health behavior change research. You will also learn the value and limitations of current behavior change theories that may be applied to understanding successful change.
The purpose of this project is threefold:

2) To increase your understanding of what it is like to be the target of a behavior change program, and to complete psychological measures often used in behavioral research.
3) To increase your understanding of how to apply behavioral change theories/interventions to changing a specific health behavior.
FORMAT: The final report should include 2 to 3 double spaced typed pages with 1 margins, excluding title page. Font: Times New Roman. Size: 12
*The assignment is due on November 16th.

Your final paper will include the following components.
1) First state the specific health behavior you wish to change and describe in well-defined terms. For example do aerobic exercise for 30 minutes three days per week at 70% of maximal heart rate, or cut back the number of cigarettes smoked to 3 a day.
Please make sure you pick only one behavior, not a set of behaviors, or several different ones to change all at once. The more focused and precise you are about the behavior the easier it will be to complete the necessary exercises and components of this journal.
2) Once you have chosen a behavior to focus on you will need to take a baseline frequency rating of this behavior for a period of one week. For example, if the behavior you have been thinking of changing is to increase physical activity level, chart how much you currently exercise. Of course now you have to come up with a unit of measurement, such as measuring physical activity a day = miles or minute or hours. Then merely observe, record and keep a chart on the frequency of the target behavior, and prepare a chart. 3) The remainder (and bulk) of your journal entry will iclude
A discussion of your history with this behavioral change (that is how long have you been considering it, have you tried making this change previously, etc.).
A reflection on why you would like to make this change.
Discuss your answers and any personal observations and insights that you may have about your reasons for wanting to change this behavior in your journal entry.
Include the health behavior change theories/interventions you used to change your specific health behavior (references APA style).
For example you may want to answer questions such as;
What are the consequences of this behavior in your life?
How will your life be improved when/if you change this behavior?

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