A large Norwegian company approaches you and asks you to set up a scalable virtual server environment.

The environment should be able to accommodate for 100 000 peak users. Choose a virtualisation platform and method.
Choose whether to use local servers or use a hosting provider, e.g. AWS or Azure.
Create an MVP using a single server and 10 users on the said platform.
Demonstrate the opportunities for scalability in the platform selected.
You must yourself choose what service(s) the company provides.
Your arguments, MVP and reflections must fit with the service(s) of the company.
Choose the operating system(s) that the will be used.
Explain why you made your choices.Your report should have three clearly divided parts Introduction, Main Part and Summary/Conclusion, where the introduction clearly and in detail, states what you will do in order to address the assignment tasks. In the Main Part you should then explain actions and the Summary/Conclusion should clearly be linked to the introduction presenting findings and results in addition to a summary. Remember to cite your sources in the Harvard Style and also add a list of sources at the end of the document.For complete overview of the marking criteria please refer to the grid in the Section 4: Marking and Assessment Criteria

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