Academic Skills for Business & Management

Assessment 2 Data Collection and Analysis You have been employed as a Business Consultant, and have been asked to carry out an analysis of the performance of the Heath Centre. As part of your research, you should also identify the importance of business analysis and reference all material. Use your MS Word Template & MS Excel to produce a report based on the Health Centre Satisfaction Questionnaire data. The report should contain the following statistical tests: Descriptive Statistics ? Pie charts for Age profile, Usual time of visit, Visits per week ? Pie charts for Gender profile, Attendance profile, Aware of food until 7pm ? The mean and std. deviation for the Rank and Satisfaction questions ? Scatterplots for Satisfaction Equipment Availability to Satisfaction for Value For Money and Speed of Service to Quality of Service Business Analysis When you complete all the statistical tests above, you are required to interpret the results and address the key issues raised by the survey. Where possible, use the statistical results to advise the Health Club Management with recommendations that are backed-up by the analysis.

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