After 240 years, how are the ideas of our Founding Fathers still significant to people today?

Use the foundational documents, Declaration of Independence by Thomas Jefferson, Preamble to the Constitution by Gouverneur Morris, and Bill of Rights by James Madison, as well as the speech, Speech in the Convention by Benjamin Franklin. You may and should also use outside sources such as credible news sources, that support how the ideas of our Founding Fathers are still significant to people in 2018 America.
Below, you can find MANY resources to help you score and do well in your essay.
1) The actual Google Docs for your Argumentative Essay
2) The Argumentative Essay Rubric that will be used to score this essay and your impending PBA
3) and 4) Images on how to correctly format an essay in MLA style
5) A list of valid and credible news sources where you can find evidence to support your claims
6) Using Italics and Quotation Marks in Titles document

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