After you finish Chapter 16, write a proposal to your company (which can be a fictional company) about proper method for handling employment discrimination issues.

The focus is on steps the company should be taking to ensure compliance with federal law.- Remember that the company does not want to spend a fortune trying to be perfect. It wants to limit problems and the liability that can follow for a company for discriminatory events.- Give clear recommendations for a company policy, backed by court rulings and material you have covered in the chapter. In general, you do not want to summarize cases from the chapter. Rather, they give you guidance about how to structure proper policy. This is not just your opinion; it is sensible managerial guidance for the firm. This is not to be be argumentative, just lay out how to do it. Footnotes are not needed.- The report should be readable and clear. Again, short sentences and paragraphs tend to work best. You have to be a skillful writer to keep a readers attention in long, convoluted sentences and paragraphs. Double space between paragraphs if you single space within. 12 point font. Submit in Word.
This report should be about 1000 words long. You should try to stay within a hundred words of that guideline, or your boss will be irritated!- Access to online book will be given.

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