After you list them, you must describe each word or phrase separately. What do the words/phrases mean? How and when are they used?

You are writing a Classification/Division essay about a Discourse Community that you are a member of or were a member of in the past. The discourse community is based on a researcher named Swales ideas and has 6 areas of division. Common Goal Methods of Intercommunication Feedback/Correction Types/Roles Jargon Experts/Novices In your paper, you will have a minimum of 7 paragraphs. Remember to write your paragraphs in the order that is given. Introduction: Your introduction should include: A hook to introduce how you became a part of the discourse community A short history of how you became a part of the discourse community The goal for your discourse community. The goal of the discourse community should be the last sentence in your introduction paragraph as it is the thesis. *You SHOULD include I- language or personal pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, etc.) in the introduction. Body: The body starts with #2 of Swales discourse community criteria. In the body there should be at least 5 paragraphs. These questions are guiding questions. Do not respond to them directly. Think of how to incorporate the questions into your paragraphs. You SHOULD NOT include I- language or personal pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, etc.) in the Body: Methods of Intercommunication How do you communicate in the community verbally, phone, e-mail, text, or social media? Why and how do these communication methods differ? For example, when do you text as opposed to e-mail? Why? Feedback/Correction How do members of the community get better? Are there meetings, conferences, reading materials, chat rooms, YouTube, etc? What do you do if someone does something wrong or right? Are there rewards? Are there penalties? Types/Roles What are the different types or roles within your community? For example, if it were a sports team, what positions are played? If it is a group, who is in the group and how would you describe their role? What are their responsibilities? For each role/position you name, you need to give details and descriptions of what they do that supports the goal. Jargon Is another word for slang. You must first list 5 or phrases that are used in your discourse community. Highlight them with either bold, italics, or quotations. For example, tattoo gun, tattoo gun or tattoo gun. Experts/Novices How do you know if someone is an expert or a novice? What does someone have to do to become an expert? What are errors or rookie mistakes that novices make? Conclusion: The final paragraph of the paper should include: The most important aspect(s) of your community Your final thoughts about being in a discourse community. This should be around 4 sentences. DO NOT include new information! REMINDERS: Include a hook in the introduction. Use personal pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, etc.) After the introduction paragraph, do not use personal pronouns (I, you, we, he, she, etc.) If you do, use them extremely sparingly. You SHOULD include subheadings. You do not have to include them. You MUST write in the categories in order. You MUST include an outline with the final draft.

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