An Experiment Design on Game Theory

Please see attached experiment proposal. Please read carefully to get a good idea of what needs to be done. This paper should consist of the following. Part 1 – Literature Review on the concepts outlined in the attached research proposal. Part 2 – The research question, null hypothesis, alternative hypothesis, IV and DV, which should be pretty self explanatory from the attached proposal. Part 3 – The Experiemntal Design, including the participants, methods, and the statistical analysis that will be taken. Part 4 – Expected Results and how this experiment can contibute to the study of human behavior and the field of game theory. Please note that within the attached research proposal, there is the professor’s feedback. Please have a careful read and make sure to take into consideration of the professor’s comments during the writing. I have attached 2 sources. In total, the literature review should include 10 sources.

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