Analyse the role of the double and/or the mirror in a film (or a number of films) we have studied.

In Hitchcock, rather than the central male character possessing mastery and control through his looking, it is more the inverse. Discuss this statement through the analysis of one or a number of Hitchcock films. Analyse the role of photography (or the photograph) in a film we have studied. (Or you can explore this issue across different films we have studied.) Analyse the role of objects in Blow-Up The Conversation stages a disjunction between perception and action. Use this statement as a starting point for an analysis of the film. What makes Speilbergs films so popular is how they seek to resolve a traumatic loss of authority. Discuss this idea through an analysis of one or a number of Speilberg films. Although setting out with the intention of making a film from a womans point of view, The Double Life of Vronique demonstrates Kie?lowskis failure to do so. Discuss this statement. In your answer you may if you wish refer to other films by Kie?lowski. Sound disturbs the border between inside and outside. Use this statement as a starting point for the analysis of sound and/or voice and/or music in a film we have studied (or another film by one of the directors we have studied.) Computer generated images have reinvented cinema by challenging the authenticity of the image. Discuss this statement through an analysis of a film (or a number of films) we have studied. Compare and contrast the use of practical effects and CGI in two or more films we have studied. What is the impact of this shift in cinematic practice? Through her body, the Gothic heroine attempts to express what escapes the bounds of conventional language. Explore this idea through an analysis of The Piano.

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