Analysis and Critique of a Video

How does analyzing and critiquing a video help you with writing? Besides being able to practice writing, determining the thinking behind the making of a video and reflecting on its purpose and audience enables you to see why the producers chose the techniques they used. In the same way, when you are given an opportunity to write, the targeted audience and purpose should determine what writing techniques you use in that paper.


For this assignment, begin by selecting one of the video links on Blackboard.


Firstly, analyze the video you have selected. (This part of your paper gives your “audience” [a group of your peers] some details about this video.) Break the video down to these basic concepts: audience, purpose, and techniques.

  • Determine who its audience is. – How do you determine this?
  • What is the purpose of the video? – What helps you find this out?
  • What are some techniques that the writers and producers use to “sell” their product? – Be specific and detailed as you describe examples from the video.

Then, use your analysis to critique the video (see information on next page). This should include your interpretation and synthesis of what you found.

  • Use these questions to help you think:
    • Is this video effective? – How or why (not)?
    • Does the video fulfill its purpose? – How?
    • Does the video reach its audience? – In what ways?
    • Are the techniques used in the video effective and appropriate for its intended audience? – Why or Why not?



In this paper:

  • Include a thesis that makes a statement (that does not just restate a fact) about the video and its producers.
  • Support your main points with solid evidence, examples, or events (from the video or other sources; you may need to do a little research on the video or the company it represents.)
  • Properly cite your different sources using MLA style.

Note: Since this is a formal paper, use proper in-text citation and include a works cited page when needed.

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