Any social science theme such as – Drug Regulation Policy, Abortion, Immigration (exe.)

Research PortfolioIdentify a research project on a suitable social science theme. Then complete a portfolio of elements which would be required to complete the project.These elements should include:A proposed title.An abstract outlining the rationale for the project and three key research questions (400 words).A literature review, examining the quality academic research that already exists on the topic (1000 words, at least 10 academic sources).A proposed quantitative element to the project. You should outline elements such as: method, sampling, analysis technique, and hypotheses to be tested. This section should reference quantitative projects or methods literature (1000 words).A proposed qualitative element to the project. You should outline elements such as: method, sampling, ethics, and a schedule of questions that will be asked. This section should reference qualitative projects or methods literature (1000 words).A discussion of the philosophical underpinnings of mixed methods in social research and how this applies to your project (600 words).

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